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The story of eFruit began with the idea that there should be a better way for everyone to enjoy fresh, high-quality, in-season produce. It is difficult to participate in the farm-to-table movement, if you are not a high-end restauranteur or unless you dedicate many hours of your day to sourcing your food. We aim to bridge this gap and bring to your home the freshest, highest quality, and most responsibly grown fruits and veggies available.

eFruit's relationships with growers gives us ready access to over 150 fresh fruit and vegetable options throughout the year. We take time to develop weekly produce menus that leverage seasonality and maximize the nutritious content of our offerings. Through this and our grower selection process, we are able to guarantee our customers are receiving the healthy super foods they need. Every week we plan the nutrious content of our boxes. One week you'll receive a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, the next a high content of vitamins and minerals, and so on. Always seeking to provide the perfect balance between nutrition and taste.

Rooted in the Family

Rooted in Family

While the concept of eFruit is new, our roots go back more than 150 years -- to the reign of Napoleon III actually. That's when French colonists, our ancestors, settled in Veracruz, Mexico, bringing with them their agricultural skills. Our founder's ancestors quickly dominated the agricultural landscape in Mexico through hard work and persistence. His paternal great-grandfather eventually became the largest cattle rancher in Mexico, employing some of the original vaqueros (cowboys) in the Americas, and also later dabbled in the banana industry.

His maternal grandfather began working on his own at a very young age, buying and selling bananas in the streets of Mexico City while quickly developing an ability to identify, obtain and, later, grow and ship the best quality fruit. The family business grew steadily, eventually expanding into the U.S. Today, it's the largest grower of bananas in North America.

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