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Are you trying to live a healthier more convenient lifestyle? Do you value your time? Do you want to simplify your life and remove unnecessary burdens? Are you tired of buying bland tasting fruits and veggies from your local upscale supermarket? Do you care about the environment, eliminating waste, and eliminating hunger? If so, eFruit has the perfect solution for you.

Get extremely fresh and premium quality all natural farm-to-table fruits and veggies delivered straight to your door every week! Stop fretting in the produce aisles selecting for ripeness, counting items, estimating how long each item will last in your fridge, wondering what you still have back home, or evaluating what items you need to eat to be healthy. Let us do all that work for you!

Go back to a simpler time, when your ancestors only received items that were in peak season. Delicious, healthy, nutritious.

Step into the 21st century and take advantage of modern technology and services that help the planet, not hurt it. Supermarkets throw away over 50%1 of the food you see on their shelves. We throw away 0% of our fruits and veggies through our planning, modern lean processes, and partnerships with local food banks. Nothing we handle ever goes to waste. Help the planet, help farmers, and help your local communities with us.

Sign up today to begin receiving our weekly pre-selected fruit and veggie boxes. The items in our boxes change every week to keep you, your family, or your workplace healthy through a wide diversity of planned nutritious selections. Every week before your boxes are sent out, you will receive an email with your box's content for the week. You can even substitute any item on the list for another of equal value.

What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up and Change Your Life Today!

Our Boxes

$41.99 Fruit Menu 1-2 people
$41.99 Veggie Menu 1-2 people
$41.99 Mixed Menu 1-2 people
$64.99 Fruit Menu 3-5 people
$64.99 Veggie Menu 3-5 people
$64.99 Mixed Menu 3-5 people
$74.99 Fruit Menu 10-15 people